Collecting and Restoring European Sports Cars and American Classics for over 30 years in Northern California

Over the past three decades the hobby that I love—and my business—has evolved into the following areas of specialization: the location of great cars for collectors, the restoration and maintenance of those cars, appraisals and the collection of interesting aspects of automotive history.

LOCATION: When you want to find a special car that’s been thoroughly vetted—with a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection; one that’s been driven at speed by a knowledgeable, experienced collector, call me. I’ll travel anywhere to inspect a significant automobile, whether a 1950’s European sports car, an American convertible from the 1960’s or a 1930’s Classic.

RESTORATION AND MAINTENANCE: Bringing a car back to life is truly a joy and a genuine pleasure. The maintenance of an interesting motorcar, likewise, is a project that I am always eager to undertake. A restoration that is correct involves considerable time and effort. In addition, my working relationships with specialists focused on particular makes provides the necessary expertise to "do it right" the first time ! The final goal is an appreciative owner: an invaluable partner in the whole equation.

APPRAISALS: Providing a statement of value for any purpose: i.e., insurance, estates, dissolutions, divorce or liquidation. The condition is expertly remarked, the current market evaluation correctly determined and the appraisal statement delivered in a timely manner. My extensive automotive library, and subscriptions to numerous automobile-related periodicals, as well as attendance at automotive auctions and car shows year round, are all useful in providing the experience required to correctly judge condition and value of a collectible automobile.

COLLECTION OF AUTOMOTIVE HISTORY: Automotive Estates, including vintage cars, various parts and motoring ephemera are all of interest to me. From finely restored show vehicles to dusty and dead trucks, cars and motorcycles that have not seen the light of day in many years—if it runs on gas and has oil in the crankcase—call me. I’d love to come and have a look.