Collecting and Restoring European Sports Cars and American Classics for over 30 years in Northern California

Clubs offer an intense, close-up view of a particular make or model of car and their gatherings offer a prospective owner a wealth of information from enthusiastic owners who spend tremendous amounts of time, effort…and money, on a hobby that they dearly love. Whether it’s the local Model A Club out on a monthly tour or a gaggle of 356 Porsche owners at their yearly confluence, this is a great way to experience a collectible car and get an introduction to the people devoted to their preservation.

Tours are a fabulous way to see a variety of great cars and hitching a ride in one of them is often as easy as asking. A memorable tour I enjoyed involved pre-'16 cars and one afternoon I rode in a 1904 Mercedes chain-driven race car which had brakes only on the two rear wheels. (The car killed the first two brave pioneers that attempted to race it.) We roared down gravel roads at over 60 mph through some of the most scenic parts of Utah and at the end of the day—covered by oil and dirt, with bugs in my teeth, -- I proclaimed it one of the best rides I’d ever had in an old car.

Three, four or five-day driving events—such as the Colorado Grand—are of real interest to me. I’ve been fortunate enough to have driven in the Italian Mille Miglia, the greatest road rally in the world, and if I’m nowhere to be found…a good place to start looking would be Tuscany or Umbria. I prepared a car and was co-driver in the Mille Miglia Argentina on a fabulous hub tour from Bariloche through Patagonia and into Chile. In addition, I’ve enjoyed the California Mille, an impressive version of its Italian namesake. If you're ever lucky enough to be invited to any of these events, drop everything, and GO!